St. Vincent Wine Bar - Cafe

Welcome to St. Vincents

St Vincent is a wine-bar café where things are a little different. We’re a lunch-cafe, after-work drinks bar, breakfast-coffee spot, supper-with-friends place and general ‘snack-with-a-glass-or-two’ hang-out.

We keep interesting wines, serve food all day and have a big-hearted ‘everybody welcome’ attitude.

Inspired by neighbourhood bars we’ve found on our travels through France and Italy, we offer lesser-known wines, and simple food - small plates, big flavours - designed for sharing. We’re a place where an hour spins into several without anyone noticing.

Come on your own, or with friends. Share a bottle (or two), order a plate or three, or just breeze in for an espresso and a croissant. Or, frankly, just come in for a chat.

We open for breakfast and close late.

Enough said. Come and find out.


wine pouring from a bottle into a glass Our wines are at the heart of what we do. Reassuringly old-school - though not always familiar - they’re mainly from small, independent producers. We’ve chosen them because we like them.

Many are organic, some are bio-dynamic, others are natural while several are ‘skin contact’. There’s a healthy range of the ‘big classics’, too. Plenty by the glass with the selection changing regularly so you can be as adventurous as you like without breaking the bank.

We’re not just about wine; we offer vintage cocktails (recipes nicked from places we love), classy vermouths and soothing amaros, as well as craft beers and interesting shandies.

And, because we all need a caffeine fix, expertly made coffees.

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Our food is about simple things done well, whether a plate of hand-crafted charcuterie, a bowl of steaming mussels or a comforting dish of macaroni cheese (albeit with truffles). We’re big on flavour and low on fuss. Like our wines, we source mainly from small, independent producers.

Drop by anytime and we will feed you. How about some breakfast granola, orange polenta cake, or a quick croque monsieur to see you through that mid-afternoon dip?

Lunchtimes and evenings our kitchen is going full-throttle creating punchy meals on small plates; perfect for sharing. We don’t do starters and mains; we just cook dishes lovingly, and serve them up.


St. Vincent
29 Broad Chare,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

0191 232 1331

Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday: 8.30am - 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am - 10pm
Monday: Closed

Map of where St. Vincent is located